About Me

Welcome, I'm Duwie! I'm just your friendly small town girl from sunny Orange County, California. I currently reside in Los Angeles where I run my precious business creating small-batch, handmade, plant-based and low-waste skincare essentials. I handle all the aspects of this small operation: product design, creation, web design, social media, photography, packaging & fulfillment, etc. I grew up with the mindset to always water the grass under my feet, make lemonade out of lemons, and Saturdays out of Mondays. My philosophy for Dewy Monday is about opening up your perspective to the possibilities outside of what you know. It's about not accepting things the way they were handed to you, because there are a million better options, and if not, you can create it. 

Dewy Monday is for those who make their own rules. Life's too short and precious to be wasted on things that don't do anything for you. Let's talk soap - the kinds you've known all your life is factory mass-produced, full of chemicals (have you checked those labels?), generating tons of trash and chemical pollution, and are just downright boring. Here's a better idea: Soap that's personal, fun, thoughtful, non-polluting, beautiful, and nourishing! And, especially in our current times where an act as trivial as washing your hands with soap has the potential to save lives, we should be looking at soap as friends that act in our best interests, not enemies sent to destroy us.

I started making natural body care products out of a love for health of our bodies and our planet, which is why my artisan soaps are crafted with only the best ingredients I can find that are always plant-based and cruelty-free. I do my part to run this small business with high care and low impact on the Earth, which means packaging that's minimal and recyclable. Throughout this journey, I grow more and more fond of the creative process and connecting with my community, and I'm super grateful and excited to continue creating so many more awesome things for you, so thank you! -- for choosing handmade and shopping small.